Usually when the word sinuses arises, it’s not good news. That shouldn’t be the case though. The sinus cavities are wonderfully interesting, and we wouldn’t live the same lives without them. So here are the secrets about your sinuses from the best sinus doctor in WNY.

Your sinuses act as your own personal humidifiers. They help cleanse, moisten, and warm the air you breathe before it gets to your lungs. That way, even on cold days, the air you breathe in is the perfect temperature for your body to use.

While your eyes stay the same size from birth, your nose never stops growing. (Hello Pinocchio!)

Your sinuses aren’t actually in your nose. They’re the cavities behind the nose set into your skull. Your sinuses are air-filled spaces in your forehead and cheeks and behind your eyes. If these cavities fill up with fluid due to allergic reactions or colds, they can easily become infected. The best sinus doctors in WNY can let you know whether your sinus condition can be treated with some antibiotics and TLC or whether it’s a chronic case that requires more careful attention.

We humans actually have an extraordinary sense of smell. Some even say that our olfactory senses can rival those of dogs, rodents, and other animals. That is to say that humans can identify scents with a concentration as low as one part out of seven billion. That’s not too bad if you ask me. In fact, your sense of smell is even stronger than your sense of sight. Your nose can detect a stunning one trillion different stimuli!

Your sense of smell and your memory are linked. In fact, there’s a direct connection between your olfactory bulb and your limbic system, which is responsible for emotion, memory. After all, since it’s your strongest scent, it’s only natural that it should help power your learning.

20,000 liters of air pass through your nose every single day.

You will swallow about a liter of phlegm every day. (Yum!) Mucus is a natural substance produced by the cells lining your respiratory passages, and it coats your throat. This slippery liquid helps protect your throat from drying out, allows food to pass more easily, and catches dust and bacteria stopping these irritants from spreading infection. Mucus is what keeps your breathing passageways clean. Even the best sinus doctors in WNY can’t compete with mucus.

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Have other questions about your sinuses, nose, or facial structures? Come visit the best sinus doctor in WNY. We can help you figure out what the root of your problem is and bring you relief as swiftly as possible.


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