When spring finally comes, Buffalo, NY kids are itching to get outside, but that could mean runny noses and itchy eyes for children with allergies. After a particularly rough day, you might be tempted to give your child some of your own allergy pills just to give them some temporary relief. However, make sure that you know which medication could be harmful to children before handing out whatever you find in the medicine cabinet.

Can Kids Take Allergy Pills?

Many of the same ingredients that are present in your allergy pills are also present in children’s allergy medicine. However, if the box doesn’t give dosage instructions for children, you’ll want to avoid it. The potential side effects associated with the drugs will be exaggerated in children, and you won’t always be able to just estimate by cutting the pill in half.

Make sure that if you’re going to give your child over-the-counter allergy drugs, you give them the right dosage. If the right dosage isn’t marked on the box, it might be better to opt for the children’s version. After all, you don’t want them to be falling asleep in class because of their allergy pills.

Which Allergy Pills Are Best for Kids?

Most brand-name allergy pills like Claritin or Zyrtec have pediatric versions they sell either in tablet or liquid form. Nasal sprays can also be an effective way to mitigate seasonal allergy symptoms, but try to avoid decongestant sprays as they can be addictive.

You’re also welcome to use store-brand versions; however, be careful to take note of the ingredient list. Most patients choose allergy medicine based on what symptoms it treats, but many allergy pills and even cold medicine use the same active ingredients. Take care not to give your child two different medications with the same active ingredients.

If your child doesn’t respond to allergy pills, then ask your ENT about prescription medication. Your physician will be able to prescribe a stronger medication, and he’ll tell you what dosage is appropriate for your child depending on his/her age.

Avoid giving any allergy pills to children under the age of one. Children very rarely develop environmental allergies before their first birthday. If you notice a runny nose or a cough, chances are far more likely that it’s a cold than an allergy.

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