How to Remove Water From Your Ear

Water trapped in your ear is not only irritating. If you leave it for too long, you can develop an ear infection fittingly referred to as swimmer’s ear. Thankfully, if you know how to remove water from your ear on your own, the condition should never progress to that point.

  1. How to Remove Water From Your Ear—3 Proven Methods
  • Alcohol & Vinegar Drops- Mix equal parts alcohol and vinegar and squeeze three or four drops into your ear, swirl it around, and let it drain out into the sink. Alcohol should prevent the growth of bacteria and help the water evaporate while the vinegar will prevent wax from accumulating.
  • Using a Blow Dryer-Believe it or not, a blow dryer can be used for your ears as well as your hair. Hold the device about a foot away from your ear and keep it on its lowest setting so that it doesn’t become too hot.
  • Creating a Vaccuum- Flatten your palm against your ear, and as you tilt your head to the side, cup your hand while maintaining a tight seal. Do this rapidly several times in a row to help draw out the water.
  1. Why You Get Water In Your Ear

Water molecules form incredibly strong bonds with each other. These cohesive forces cause water molecules to stick together. So when you go swimming or take a particularly indulgent bath, a few droplets of water might linger in the narrow crevices of your ear. You need to know how to remove water from your ear because the tight bonding might prevent the water from draining out on its own.

  1. When You Need to Go to Your ENT- If you cannot figure out how to remove water from your ear on your own or you notice any of the following signs, go to see your ENT immediately.
  • Reduced ability to hear
  • Persistent tickling sensation in your ear
  • Any inflammation or pain
  • Visible redness or swelling


Perfect Day for the Beach? Make Sure to Take Care of Your Ears Afterward! Keep these techniques on hand so that you know how to remove water from your ear if either you or a friend or child ends up in such a predicament.