Even though children and adults face many of the same ENT issues, pediatric treatment may vary. We feel strongly that it is important to provide the highest quality medical care to infants and children and we deliver it with all of the compassion and concern of a parent.

Dr. Young, a father himself, understands a parent’s need to make the best choices for their children. Trust is very important to all of us here. We recognize the needs of parents and how important information is. Understanding your child’s situation is the best way to agree on a treatment plan. But it’s also important to know when a child will likely grow out of a problem and when they will not. That is where Dr. Young’s experience and compassion will serve your child well. He’ll work in concert with your child’s primary care physician, and you. Together, we can provide the best care for children.

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Please excuse any inconvenience, our phone system is being upgraded Friday 22nd.

Your calls will be answered by the on call service and forwarded to the staff during this time. Phones are expected to be off for 1-2 hours on Friday morning only. For emergencies call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. Thank you.