You’re not a stranger to the common cold. Viruses will come and go, and as long as you drink plenty of fluids and get in a good cup of chicken soup here and there, the symptoms will pass as quickly as they arrived. Sinus problems are not the same though. If you feel like you’re constantly congested, you may have to visit the ENT. Here are 5 of the most common sinus issues we see coming through our office and some of our usual treatment options.


Sinusitis is a very common sinus issue that’s generally defined as a swelling of the tissues around the sinuses, but may, indeed, indicate. While a simple infection may last only 2-4 weeks, chronic sinusitis, which may be caused by some of the conditions listed below, can last several months.

If the infection is bacterial, your ENT can offer you antibiotics. If the infection doesn’t go away on its own though, your physician may discuss more intensive treatment options such as the non-invasive balloon sinuplasty procedure.

Nasal Polyps

Nasal polyps are soft, small, non-cancerous growths that form inside the nasal passages when they are inflamed for some reason or another. You may not even notice small polyps, but large ones may cause congestion and breathing problems.

If you notice cold-like symptoms without a fever that persist for longer than 1-2 weeks, you may be suffering from nasal polyps. These growths can be easily removed with surgery, but may return if they area is constantly infected.

Deviated Septum

If the cartilage and bone that divides your two nostrils is slightly crooked, it can obstruct your breathing and cause repeated sinus infections. A deviated septum is usually associated with a post-nasal drip, snoring, headaches, nosebleeds, facial pain, and congestion. Sometimes medication will prove to be sufficient; however, in more severe case, a surgery known as septoplasty is necessary to provide lasting relief.


While perhaps not associated with the sinuses directly, environmental allergies are certainly the most common sinus issues at our clinic. Even if you’ve never suffered from allergies before, you can still develop them later on in life.  Allergic reactions will usually bring on symptoms similar to those of a common cold or fly but will not include fever. While environmental allergies are relatively common, they can cause sinus infections if not treated properly. There are currently no

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Most of the time, the best sinus headache treatment in Buffalo, NY is simply TLC. If a sinus headache is caused by a more severe infection or nasal growths, you’ll have to visit your local ENT. However, more often than not, your sinus headache symptoms will disappear on their own within a few days.

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