There are thousands of Buffalonians that suffer from seasonal allergies every year because of the high allergy count. So, if you do suffer from allergies, here’s what you need to know about our local forecast.

When is the allergy count in Buffalo, NY the worst?:

The allergy count in Buffalo, NY varies throughout the year and even during a single season depending on the weather conditions.

In general, those who suffer from environmental allergies should avoid days that are either damp and rainy or dry and windy. Humid conditions are usually favorable for people with allergies because the moisture in the air weighs pollen down. By contrast, the wind causes the particles to disperse.

Rainy days also tend to trigger allergy symptoms though. Rain droplets break pollen into smaller particles that are released into the air in higher concentrations. Not only do they travel more quickly, but they often carry moisture, which further inflames air passageways.

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What You Need to Know About Buffalo’s Allergy Count

Is the allergy count in Buffalo, NY high?:

Thankfully, well at least for those of us with allergies, the growing season in Buffalo is relatively short. While we do have to brave the ice and snow, at least we’re safe from allergies for a good 5-6 months out of the year.

The high temperatures and rain levels across the Southeast usually mean beautiful, rich foliage and high pollen counts. However, the Northeast is far from safe. Because Buffalo has dry, sunny springs, pollen tends to stick around longer.

Plus, a brutal winter can also spell trouble for northeastern and midwestern states. When temperatures rise suddenly after a late snow storm, pollen counts skyrocket.

What do I do if the allergy count in Buffalo, NY is high?:

If you must go outside when the allergy count is high, make sure to avoid any activities that would aggravate your symptoms. Mowing the lawn, tending the garden, and biking through the park are activities you might want to save for another day.

When you come home, make sure to take off your shoes and leave the pollen at the door. You might even consider showering and changing even if you haven’t been out all day. Particularly if you’ve spent any time around trees or plants, you’ll want to throw your clothes in the laundry right away.

The Bottom Line:

Surprisingly enough, the allergy count in Buffalo, NY is relatively high. We don’t enjoy large amounts of greenery like southern states might. Nonetheless, the moisture content from the snow and the dry, windy spring weather can drive up numbers. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, keep an eye on the pollen forecast, and come into the office if you need a bit of extra relief.

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