When you’re suffering from chronic sinus issues, terrible allergic symptoms, or constant infections, you want to find a physician that can really take care of you. When looking for an ENT specialist, there are a few criteria you should keep in mind.

The best ENT in Buffalo, NY should:

  • Serve ALL of your sinus-related needs:

The best ENTs will be able to diagnose and treat any conditions related to the ears, nose, or throat. Whether it be a deviated septum, nasal polyps, or even environmental allergies, your physician should have the expertise to identify the source of the problem.

ENTs like Dr. Paul Young can help you with any of your sinus-related issues including your allergies. You can save yourself an extra trip to the allergists office with a comprehensive examination in our allergy clinic.

  Take care of you and your children:

You want an ENT that is certified to treat all members of your family including your little ones. Children have smaller nasal passages and often suffer from different conditions than adults do. Pediatric otorhinolaryngology requires specific expertise. Your family ENT should have experience talking to and operating on patients of all ages.

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How to Find the Best ENT in Buffalo, NY

Make you as comfortable as possible:

When antibiotics and medical treatments aren’t working, your ENT will have to move on to surgical procedures. Your practitioner should be able to perform a number of operations with local anesthesia right in his or her office.

The balloon sinus dilation, for instance, is a non-invasive procedure that can drastically improve your ability to smell and breathe. See more about one of our most popular procedures here.

Listen to YOUR needs:

Your practitioner should be a family man who takes the time to listen to your problems and symptoms. Not all conditions are the same, and the best ENTs in Buffalo, NY know that all patients are unique.

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